Aka " when you were at school"

By Ravine

1.Did you use to be a good student at school?

Yea, I was one of my teachers' best students, although I never came school early, I used to forget all my class books "I have a personal problem with carrying bags", and I barely did any homework especially after fifth grade. But I was one of the first 5 students in the class and I've never hated or been mean to any teacher. Well may be the P.E. teacher and one of the Arabic teachers, & my school headmaster once.

2.What were your most loved and hated subjects?

Most loved subjects
I was a math Geek, I adored math and I enjoyed every part of studying it, after all it's the only subject that you could study while watching T.V.

I loved science in general I adored organic chemistry&I enjoyed solving physical problems

I loved reading history and knowing about other countries their flags and cultures but not to the extent of revising such information!

Most hated:
Biology Biology &Biology, I always had bad marks at it, I never had the courage to study it I hated it and it made me cry more than once, But I conquered it at last \m/

Arabic and I had this weird relationship I love poetry "extra curricular one"
I don't believe that anybody have the right to make me revise something I don't like, but I liked grammar

Can anybody tell me why on earth should I take a subject called economics? "if you know just tell me!"

I hated GEOGRAPHY and History when it comes to studying for an exam.

3. When young , what did you want to become?

Future was always vague to me lol.
I wanted a job that includes analysis, abstraction, politics &travelling allot
you figure out what was it
um may be an ambassador or a journalist, a TV reporter, an astronaut would be nice too

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