These days this question comes frequently to my mind,
Are human beings born purely innocent and un-evil but the extra environment ruins their innocence?
Or they genetically inherit evil?

I still can't understand that weird mechanism; you are a normal kid playing with your mates, a good or a bad student whatever, you are just a normal kid with normal toys, and then suddenly you turn to a cruel criminal.

I don't accept or have any excuse for any crime,

But I can understand when a battered child that was born in the streets with no food, shelter or money does some crimes out of despair and hunger.

I can understand when some soldiers do some crimes in the wars, after all the stresses they are subjected to they are human-beings who are allowed to collapse.

I can even understand when one or two of a whole system are sadists and enjoy torturing people "there should be diversity"

But when a whole system is infected with sadism!!
That needs thinking and analyzing!!

For the last few weeks I attended 3 events that were all discussing torturing in Egypt
"bloggers against torture campaign" , a meeting to listen to torturing victims in Cairo's fifth conference against Zionism and imperialism, and Islam Nabih's trial .

Different victims and one criminal "Police officer"

I still remember this ancient phrase which says "Police is here to serve people"

This phrase that nobody ever believed in is now turned to "Police is here to strip people"

But why all that?! Why police officers turned to brutal aggressive creatures?

- Is this because of the way they are now chosen?
I mean they enter by 59% and 59,000 LE, and some Wasta won't say no!

- Or the way they are teaching them inside the police academy
"You are the best person in the world you have all the authority to do what ever you want there's god in heaven and you on earth and no one before you both!"

- Do they actually teach them torturing methods?

- What kind of brain washing do they use to turn them to animals with no feelings?

I wonder!

What was in their minds when they killed and tortured innocent people?

Some facts

I was speaking to one of my relatives about Emad's case and then I went on telling her about the other video of that girl who was tortured and she replied unconsciously " Yea this is the way they treat the whores God forbid!"

You can't imagine the look I gave to her and I was like "even if she killed his mother after raping his own child he doesn’t have the right to even insult her with a word he's neither god nor a judge to judge her "
Well not to that extent!

Some facts:
• Most of Egyptians believe that torturing doesn’t exist in Egypt.

• Most of them consider hitting and insulting a normal police procedure

• When I was in Islam Nabih's trial most of the people didn't know what was the trial about, when they knew all they did was slapping their faces and praying for god to take revenge.

• Islam Nabih's lawyer was proud while defending him.

• Islam was treated like a royalty a**.


As long as corruption is everywhere, abuse is allowed when there is a lame excuse for it, people do nothing but praying and nagging, most of Egyptians don’t even know their basic human rights, criminals find people to defend them, police officers are over every law and legalization.
I can't expect nothing but more brutality and abuse.