Inspired by my last post Lol

At the same day I was watching Kareem's trial another trial was going on but this trial had lesser propaganda

I don't know the exact Details but some of the "Muslim Brother-Hood" leaders were in trial to freeze their funds for weird accusations as always

First of all I'd like to say that I'm not pro Ikhwan or most of their ideas, and sometimes I doubt their intentions,

But ..... For me till now they did nothing obvious to be jailed and prevented from using their money,
and I can't hide my sympathy towards them as they are one of the few groups which are active in our faculty and I thank them for all the medical books they print and all their social activities in helping the students.

Although I hate some of them when they take the microphone and say some Islamic words in the courses because in a way or another they embarrass the non Muslims or the people who aren't interested in listening to what they are saying ….
And sometimes the younger students become so enthusiastic and go on saying some Fatwa's in religion which is something I don’t believe they are authorized to do &some of the Fatwa's are wrong and absurd

I also don’t like the way some of them act in the parliament when they question unimportant things and leave the main subjects.

Anyways, it's not my subject to judge the "MB" or their intentions here,
But every time I see what our blessed regime do to them,
the way they detain them and prevent some of them from entering the exams,
the way they treat them like animals in prison,

every time I remember the place they are sent to "Tora Gulag" and I imagine the way they are being treated in such place,
every time I remember that most of the detainees are in their early twenties "so young ",
every time I wonder about their actual crime and I keep on wondering and asking the same question "why?" and every time my answer is the same they are joining a prohibited group, why the "MB" is prohibited …. Well no one knows!!
But every time I think about all of that ….. I really hate our stupid system more and more.

Go with me in that hypothesis, what if our regime freed the "MB" left them to do what ever they want?,
I know the majority of the Egyptians Muslims are pro them because to them they represent Islam their only hope in life "stupid but true".

But can't we count on that "the people who chose them will be against them if they showed any radicalism or went on the wrong lane".

May be "MB" freedom will encourage the Christians to share in the opposition to take their rights "Yes Christians are oppressed, but all Egyptians are oppressed too, and I really hate it because Christians barely share in any political move either with or against the system and don't tell me "Copts abroad" because I don't believe in any opposition or move unless they're living in the country and suffering as its people, they are so neutral, I know they love Egypt as we all do but they got to share and be more active!"

Ah I forgot to mention that the judge in the "MB" case was the same judge who ordered to prison Dr. Ayman Nour and Dr. Saad El Din Ebrahim.
When this rotten ugly heartbreaking thing is going to stop?
It's just unfair!!