These words are inspired by the program "10 Pm" Lol

First of all
I would like to say that I'm against any Idea Karim proclaims and to me he was just a silly teenager who was shocked by the great difference between his culture and the other cultures
And the words I saw in his blog don’t show any talent or even any professional way of writing
I also hate what he wrote, I don’t mind being out the religion and I don’t mind that some people discuss my religion and say it's wrong but I do refuse any bad insulting either to my religion, to any other religion, I refuse insulting and swears in general
And may be if we were in another country or governed by any other regime I would called for a trial to Karim and even I would have asked him for apology, not for his ideas of course but for the way he expressed his ideas, or may be I wouldn’t it's his own personal blog and only god must judge him,

Anyway that's not my issue here. I'm just wondering , I know he was totally wrong, but after all he was a kid and if anybody should go to trial it's his community which made him so confused to do such crazy things, I mean our religion allow freedom of believes or I'm wrong? And don’t say he was infidel or "Mortadd" because a mortadd is the one who joined the religion willingly or to deceive somebody then left it. But Karim was only born as a Muslim,
I mean haven't we all passed through the same ideas and thoughts?
That all what we believe in may be wrong, and then we thought again and said, no our religion is right.

And from when our government became that religious? or this was like catching two birds by one stone

"making Egyptians happy and pleased (you saw how your government is pro your major religion Islam, after we took everything that may make you happy in life the only thing you should stick too is you religion to guarantee better life after death!!)
and warn the other bloggers or activists (if you opposed us the easiest accusation we have is insulting the president so beware!!)"

I really pity Karim because now I imagine him in a prison with all the law criminals who will suddenly remember God and will seek revenge by torturing this blasphemer, you know because in their own mind they will think that their salvation from all their sins will be by that way, adding to that the very good way of treatment he will receive from the jailers "he took one year for insulting the president too!!"

So I really thank our regime for two things,

"making Karim more stubborn and determined about his ideas, and if their was a chance for him to turn back you totally erased it"

"Now Karim turned from a lost hopeless unknown guy, to the Jesus of blasphemers, he was crucified and suffered to carry away the sins and the pains from all the Egyptian minorities!!"