I wanted to start my blog like 3 yrs ago or something but I was always lazy..in my intentions to start it I had lot of ideas to write in this blog but now I actually made it all the ideas went away.

...its my intro anyways,
if u want to know who am I...

I'm asking myself the same question.

I'm a mix of all cultures Lol,
I'm an Egyptian that means Pharoeic &Arabic with all their varieties,

I live in the capital and I traveled to some different countries that means I'm affected by modern culture..
Finally I'm a Muslim... and even Islam has its own culture,
my Daddy used to be a left activist... now he is neutral which made me hear about the words Politics.. Communism... Socialism.. Etc.

I'm considered from the high middle social class which has its own culture... and it is always affected by all the other classes and distracted between them,
those all made me confused.. Who Am I ?

I'm not communist or socialist , I'm not into globalization or modern civilization, and I'm not an Islamic activist...
I like the idea of Arabs to be united but the idea was never rightly executed,

I mean every thing of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

Even Egyptians costumes and values they r sometimes wrong and prejudicing,Lol I'm lost here ....
It's true when they say life is never perfect...

Well that's what I finally decided I'll never be a follower to any idea whether social or political... I'll use my mind to choose whatever I see right for me in everything and follow it.Finally peace