Do you like what is happening in Egypt?
Do you think it's fair?
From the fake Elections, to the corruption, to the poverty to the endemic diseases, to sexual harassments, to the unbearable negativity, to everything !!!

What else do we need to be the perfect messed up miserable country?
When I see the bloggers the demonestrations and the amount of pple who want to change I feel the hope...

but when I look at my friends my family and the pple I know I really feel desperate and frustrated..
I only hear those words... Who gives a damn?!!... I won't interfere myself in politics.... Yea I hate the government but what can I do.... You want to go to a demonstration :- Are u crazy u want to get caught or what?!!!! , Egypt will never be fixed ..... This country is cursed by its own pple Egyptians can never rise against the government so stop dreaming and do something important... Argh don't waste your time reading articles about freedom in internet and have a life... Demonstration Ha-ha! Let's go to the Cinema.......

When I see the heads of the parties and known political moves ....... I don't know what to feel more frustration or Disgust...I mean have a life pple!!!
You r fighting and killing each other on a throne that was never yours...I don't remember one of my friends knows a name of any party or a move .... and even if some know the name they know nothing beyond it...

Why don't you unite and forget about your lousy lame differences.... like when Kefaya first began, I really loved the idea... but when I saw the big ones in Kefaya or as they say "al nokhba"!! I was really frustrated .....
And here is it now from the hope of Egypt to a semi-dead move.

If any body passed by a read this article he/she will say who da hell are you to judge anyone ??!!

Well I'm an Egyptian who walks in the street everyday irritated by the crowd of the streets&the traffic my president cause when he passes through any road and annoyed because of the times he made me miss my lessons coz of his stupid passing...

annoyed by the scene of the poor people who became the majority of Egypt, Wondering if Egypt was a poor country how can the pple in the authority still drive marvelous cars and live in Castles!!

Wondering what is the big achievement we did after the freedom of Sinai in 1973and don't Tell me the bridges!!!

Grieved by the numbers of hepatitis C patients in Egypt &the # of liver cancer patients.

Disgusted by the amazing mix between sewage swamps and Hospitals in the place,

Ashamed by what other pple from other countries say about Egypt... I'm not handicapped ... I have good mind and I'm a normal human being, I don't see that they r higher than me in anyway
Why every time I say I'm EgyptianAll they know about Egypt is desert and Camels.... they don't mention the development, The bridges, Toshkie and the Huuuuuge Political improvement I hear about in our Media!
Never been to any demonstration Coz my parents don't accept & no one of my friends accepts to go with me "lame excuse I know but I can't go alone".

Disgusted, Panicked and terribly ached from the scenes of the mid-town harassments scenes and really ashamed from the governmental response....
Although who gives up his country's honor can give its girls' honor too...

Surprised by the fact that non of the girls reported what happened to them to the police,Surprised again 'cause if I were them I would have done the same ... 'cause I know that police will never help me ...........
And I'm stuck to foolish ideas and believes about how pple will look at a girl who was harassed as in this case a victim I'll also be accused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm an everyday normal girl which gives me a huge excuse to judge who I want to and criticize what I want to.

I still love u Egypt!!