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last Monday I went to "Dar Al qada al ali" to attend Islam Nabih's trial....
Nawara took me and then I found Mak, Lobey, Mariam, Asad and Yasary Masry there
It was supposed to be the last session and we were all worried
Especially the guys who went all the sessions "I only went to the first and the last ones".... Mak was so anxious " I saw this guy like 4,5 times in my real life but I can tell, he was going to kill some-one especially when Islam entered"
I asked him why he was that anxious and he was like " I really hate this man"
Anyways.... we waited.... there were allot of journalists
Our expectations were very low.... we all hoped for something but somehow no one of us believed that anything can be fair in this country, but our expectations were turned down "thank God :D"
So the moment came... the judges came "all rise!"
and then
"بموجب المادة كذا فى قانون كذا حكمت الحكمة حضوريآعلى المتهم اسلام نبيه ........."
If you can see the look on Emads face... the look on Mak's face... or see the shout Maryam gave
Emad's reaction was very funny :D.... he was blunt at first.... He couldn't get it "non of us got it"... then he went through a state of denial "No no that can't be true"... and then he yelled..." Allaho akbarrr.... 7a22i rge3lii ya regalaaaaaaaaaaa, Allaho akbarrrrr" and then we all yelled and celebrated
3 years and 2700 L.E. are not too much compared to what they have done to the guy, or what he lost from his father who died shortly after seeing what happened to his own son, the psychological trauma he had or the time he spent in this case and the pressure that was on him.... "I heard that they offered him 2-million L.E.", adding to that the threats that I saw some of them at the first time.....
But at least Islam is now out of his position... at least allot of officers will think twice before torturing and raping a suspect, at least we now trust our judges even more... at least we feel strong....the Bloggers did something and it's real "I'm not included", but Mak who published the video who wasn't afraid and all the guys who spread it..the guys who went constantly all the sessions who weren't bored or afraid.... you should be proud of yourself guys because you are something, you are a strong weapon now..... You conquered Ministry of internal Affairs yeaaaaaaa Lol!!
If you know me you'll know how am I fond of conspiracy theories.... when I was talking to my paranoid sweet uncle about the trial and all the stuff...
He told me " and who ever told you that Islam will actually go to prison and that he will be devoid from everything, the judge said his words but the ministry of internal affairs prison is the place he's supposed to spend his confinement in, and since the ministry was supporting him all the way, even his lawyer was employed by the ministry.... whoever told you that he's actually going to prison, may be he will work as an officer again!"
The very relieved look Islam gave after hearing what the Judge said, the Ministry's black history.... make this theory believable......
Wicked wicked uncle.... sick sick Raghdaa...... Celebrate the event for god sake!!
PS: on a different subject, my freaking results are either tomorrow or on Saturday... pray for me pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee