Who'd ever believed that those Shields you spent so many years to build around yourself were simply invaded by the very first sweet words
You fell and you fell hard
With every part
You forgot about all the warnings and the old scars and fell
Yourself, the one you thought was smart ignored all the logical formulas you spent your whole life revising
And fell
And you fell very wrong

Your mind was gradually paralyzed, you stopped thinking
The shock you were expecting long time ago came at the very unexpected time from the very unexpected one!
You are a fool
A big fat fool
I Pity you, your sense of guilt that was killing you
"I'm never enough no matter how hard I tried"

You just missed all the pretty sure signs "you deserve better... you deserve better"

A fool you are, you believed the fairytale.... you believed in absolute goodness
You believed in fairies and angels
You thought that in the end ..... Virtue conquers all
You forgot about the evil and the devil

You were shocked by the real real world
The world you warned everybody from its bitterness
The world of psychos
The world that you simple mind cannot swallow its existence

Those shades of grey...... with no black or white

Now you will go and rebuild your shields
It's an easy thing to do
They say that time is the best healer for such scars

Thank heavens you lost nothing but some wasted great feelings
Somehow you wish you lost anything but them