So I've been depressed for a while!
I tried every way to get outof the depression mood
I went to the open sea and the countryside and I really enjoyed and felt good
But When I came back to Cairo I found the same reasons I left for; waiting for me unsolved!

Anyways I'm not that kind of people who grief allot
So I decided to forget about anything Annoying me :D

And here comes my exams Time Table

See I'm not a big fan of studying, I even don't study At all
But when I saw my exams times on 9/27
So I have medicine and pediatrics I don't want to count how many books I should study but they are allot, la2 kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer awi y3ny!

So I'll have to study in Ramadan :D :D :D
then have the Medicine exam on 27 paper one 28 paper 2 In RAMADAN
the Pediatrics is after the Eid :D :D :D
then I'll rest for 10hours to have the oral and clinical :D

then I'll have 1 exam every day :D:D
The good news is that I'll finish or be finished at November the first :D

Please Allow me to hibernate, I may be able to finish studying either on the exams time or at the summer course time "Sorry the winter course's!!"