Well, I had this weird exam
120 questions in 30 minutes
Don't ask me how but that's what happened :D
Anyways, I don't care that much about my exams, I gave up the score and studying thing long time ago

So I went to that Movie :D...
I basically went to the movie because I like Ahmed Ezz, Even if the movie sucked I'd have gone to watch it anyways :D
But surprisingly it was cool

One of the best Arabic Action movies I've ever scene
The scenario was perfect and the directing was fine!

Wow! No exaggerated action scenes, no weird car chasing scenes, No super hero scenes " you know the hero is stronger than anybody of the movie, even if they appeared to be physically much bigger than him!", and no unnecessary hot scenes...

I won't go through the movie details, "I'm lazy to do that"

I'll talk about the actors

Ahmed Ezz, I just love his choice of movies from "Mothakerat Moraheka" to "Mallaky Eskenderia"
May be Al Rahina was the odd one out
At the beginning he was just a cute guy, but the older he gets the more charismatic he is

You know some people reach the peak of their beauty and talent in their thirties
ummmmmm, Whatever.....
He played the role of a "post traumatic amnesic" guy who wakes up in a place he knows nothing about,
then he find himself involved in a vague crime that he tries to solve
and while solving the crime he regains his memory
"Thank god they didn't use this weird psychiatric diseases like total memory loss with no other physical or mental disabilities "

While solving the crime he plays different personalities in a retrograde manner
The thief, the lover, the potential killer, the harsh guy, the sweet decent guy, the funny guy, and the action hero,
and believe me he was perfect doing them all.

Zeina, the role suits her
She's the strong and generous girl that Naeema Akef "Bent el Hetta" type
the one who's ready to give up everything for her lover
She felt in love with Ahmed from the first sight "......" and since then she helped him in everything.
She kinda reminded me of us girls when we talk about a cute guy behind his back, only she was obviously flirting him in front of him.
But I really liked her, she chooses the guy pursues him till the end and then she marries him,
Good girl Zeina.... I like it when a woman goes after what she wants and take it!

Soleiman, I don't remember his real name.
The guy was totally anonymous to me before this movie, he was just another actor but he turned to be hilarious,
He plays the role of a "fahlawy" the guy who think himself smart, yet he's such a cowardie... in a point he was going to sell his friend for money but then as any human he regretted.

Salah Abdullah... Wow, this man amazes me... You can't believe that the person who cracks you up in some movies is the same killer who do anything for money in this movie.

Finally a special recommendation for the girls
the movie was perfect... Watch it!