"I may wear the Nequab"
"well,I heard In Qanat a Nas a Sheikh saying that women should beware and wear them what if it was obligatory?,we all want to go to heaven!"
"Oh really and what's seductive about your face? I wanna understand"
One of my school friends.....


"oh thank you... may Allah grace you with his Hedaya inshaallah"
"Yeaa... you are too brave you did it"
One of my section mates to another after wearing the Burqu

"I don't understand why are you congratulating her... I totally refuse covering face"
" Oh Don't say so... She did it for Allah she's too brave giving up showing her face for Allah's obedience"
"I don't think we were meant to cover our faces as not to seduce men... why don't they cover their faces too.... I guess the face here is equal in both! + how am I supposed to inter-act with her how am I supposed to know if she loves me or hate me"
"Oh no Nequab is mandatory!"
Me interfering

" Oh god how could you wear such exposing cloth?"

"Huh? I'm wearing a long wide dress..."
"Yea but you are wearing white attractive Clothes and a Carina.... Oh Allah!"
" Lol I thought that arms weren't that seductive to men"
At the section... a veiled and a Monaqaba

Can you believe that every single time I pray outside my house, some girl is waiting by to give me a cassette or give me a lecture about my hair? One girl even had the audacity (or is it the stupidity?) to ask me inside a mosque while putting on my shoes if I was a Muslim. Um..well darn , you caught me! I’m really a Buddhist in disguise who came in here for the breezy atmosphere and the romantic lighting"
a part of of an amazing article by my sweetest friend ever Ravine "Which is Worse?"

I used to live in Morocco, people there; were more open minded I didn't see this amount of women covering their faces.... Also some people here are unfriendly towards foreigners"

" Why are some women here afraid to deal with me.... I'm nothing but an old tourist I wont harm any lady they are all my daughters!"

A Spanish woman and A German man

"you know that Hurghada is in the second place after Thailand in sex tourism?"
"I'm not surprised.... why do you think single Arabs come here for?"
"lol yea Russian ladies too are part of the deal"
"not only them.... haven't you heard about The Virgin Prostitutes?! "

The percentage of rape... Sexual harassment....adulteries... &prostitution have massively increased in Egypt during these years

Which Society do we belong to?
The Bedouin intolerant society which refuse and accuse the other of blasphemy ?

Or the open Chaotic immoral society which it's people sold everything including their bodies for money?

For me I belong to Neither and I refuse either...

" I apologise to whoever the belly Dancer I put her picture here... At least she's not a prostitute"
I may seem as a Nequab hater .... but I believe in the right of every woman to wear whatever she wants to , I guess clothes aren't a weapon to hurt me by
I'm here talking about the people who refuse the other and want to erase them...
I'm talking about the preachers of hate... who wants to cover every woman by every mean like we are a plague
I'm talking about Monaqabat who give u a strange look simply coz you don't wear the way they wanna
" At least the ones showing their eyes lol"