I've always wondered ...
why Am I so connected this picture?
It's like she's escaping from those powerful claws of that ugly beast to that scary unknown space

To me she seems very calm compared to the situation she's in
Like she's used to scape
Or may this scary situation is all created within her sick mind
may be those scary claws are nothing but sweet soft tender hands which are ready to surround her!

her body seems so weak and tired her bones are aching even her wings are craving to fall
It seems like she left precious things this time
things time can never get them back
things like memories... hopes... fairy tales... or trust in her own abilities to settle...
may be she's regretting not giving herself a full chance

may be that beast wasn't actually a beast
may be it was only her imaginations her past and wicked experiences
may if her mind gave her heart a chance may be then she could have rested after all
may be that was her only chance to settle

Anyways what's done is done...
her Diabolic mind had slaughtered her again
Now she's flying to the very first space she came from
wounded more than any time before,
I know ... tired with no will, may be ...
But her
mind will find a way for her heart to forget and restart

Or may be that's her destiny she was never meant to settle
Poor li'l fairy I wish you can make it and live again!