First of All I'd like to apologize to mom:
"I invited her to watch the movie with me Ravine and AH".
she's such a sweet person and she can't handle violence scenes, but I'm glad she liked the movie.

For me the movie is one of the most important movies that were released in 2006 as it discuss a needing subject which is "civil wars" which are everywhere now devastating the world for the foolishest reasons.

The movie events take place in
Sierra Leone back in 1999 during the civil war that killed thousands and made 100thousands refugees,

the characters:

Danny Archer "Leo DiCaprio" who is a white Zimbabwean self centered Diamond smuggler who was a soldier in the white army back in the apartheid era , he has good relations with the famous Diamond importer "Van De Kaap", Danny is the ideal picture of an African whom his parents were raped and killed when he was young during civil war and then he joined an army and killed lot of people in return

Solomon Vandy "
Djimon Hounsou" a very peaceful platonic farmer who only want peace for his family he's working and struggling for better future for his kids, I loved his sentence to his song (Dia).... "you have to study to become a Doctor or you want to fix windows Like you father". and "When this war ends this place will be like a paradise".... He's like every farmer, he may be remind me of our fathers they do everything for the sake of their kids.

Maddy Bowen "Jennifer Connelly" a very adventurous American journalist who went to Afghanistan and Bosnia before, she is smart, dedicated to her work&full of life, that kind whom you must fall in love with... "I don't know why but I call such people the American dream(IDOL) category"


I don't want to say movie Details but the general idea talks about a very big rose Diamond Solomon found when he was a slave to the Rebels "
RUF" and he used it to get his son back who was kidnapped by the RUF, Danny offered to help him to take the Diamond, and Maddy volunteered to help because Danny promised to give her information about how the diamond is smuggled from Sierra Leone to Liberia to be legally exported and what's the exact relation between all of that and DeKaap, it also talks about how some people in the west help both the government and the Rebels to fight .... to take the Diamonds by a very cheap price and sell it by a very expensive one

Djimon and Leo made perfect performances, I am a fan of Leonardo's acting &Djimon was even better, as an African who've probably seen such war before his acting was more than real, also Connelly was good and the kid Dia.

After watching the movie AH &I really considered working with doctors without frontiers or any united Nation organisation that help such people during war...... "anyone who can help us to do that please contact me and tell me how to join such organisations"

Favorite Quotes :

- The white are only here for the Diamonds, I wish they wont Find Oil here soon. "That was Funny".

-Sometimes I wonder if God ever forgive us for what we've done to each other Than I look around and I realize... God left this place a long time ago...
"No I'm not an Atheist and I love god" it just reminds me of how can people be desperate and sick of everything.

-He is my son. I am his father. I must go find him. Go ahead, shoot me if you want, but I will go find him. "Solomon Vandy"

- When this war is over this place will be like paradise... "Solomon Vandy"

- This my country, man. We here long 'fore you came - long after you gone.... "Solomon Vandy"

- T.I.H. this is Africa!


--Civil wars are wrong what ever the reason is.

--An old Idea came back to me, what if you classified the world according to color job and religion even according to money and kept on classifying will that end civil wars?.... or people will invent other things to be racists about...

-- Evil isn't a religion, a tribe or a color, evil is a human nature that presents where ever and this human nature use anything to excuse evil.

-- A movie can actually be done and succeed without a single nudity scene, believe it or not... the movie was without a single kiss or anything!!. I was surprised Lol

" I don't mind hot scenes as long as they serve the script but I do refuse scenes that are only done to encourage people to watch the movie"

Things I Didn't Like:

--I knew a South African once and that wasn't his accent, I said may be because Danny was from Zimbabwe it's different but Ravine assured me that wasn't Zimbabwean too, anyways Leo's accent was a bid Dutch, Kinda American with some Australian and it wont be bad if we added Indian too.... the sentence "Are you Craze????" made me really laugh.

-- I didn't want Leo to die.

Finally Go and watch the movie I LOVED IT.