First of all I must admit that I hate Saddam, as any other Arabic president or king they are all criminals…

But the way he was executed, doesn’t it remind you of the revolutions in the dark ages in Europe where some peasants celebrate the new king by slaughtering the former one? or may be it's kinda different a bit of the cowboy style... you know in the old American movies... Bang Bang... Die you filthy animal!!

Was the way he was executed by a civilized way?

Does he deserve what happened to him?

I wont say go and judge Olmert for what he is doing in Palestine or what he did in Lebanon, or you should have judged Sharon, or why don't you judge the people who are responsible for what's happening in Iraq right now, or why don’t you judge the Americans who brought Saddam first, or the other Americans who brought Osama Ben Laden…
It's not my issue here.

Do we deserve to wake up to see such brutal scenes?
Does that cheap play deserve to be called a trial?

Anybody remember Milosevic's trial? "I won't compare their criminal history cause in my poor opinion Milosevic's was more brutal and bloody than Saddam".

But can you notice the difference?

When Mli. was trialed Yugoslavia was ruled purely by Yugoslavians, there were no other troops roaming in Yugoslavia as in Iraq "only some peace keeping armies at the borders I guess".

Milosevic was judged in a fair trial, in a fair court that everybody agrees on it…

He was asked about everything he did during the war and during the time he was ruling his country, because history and Yugoslavians deserve to know what exactly happened during this period.

What did they do to Saddam? They only asked him and judged him in two cases… Where's Halabjah???? Where's his rule in Iranian's Iraqi's war and all what happened in it? Why didn’t they ask him about American rule in helping him doing all his massacres?
Can't you notice?! The Dujail and the Anfal happened when Saddam was a sincere America ally. They didn't stop him till he threatened to attack Israel and he was a threat to there oil benefits!!

What ever,
Everybody must has his own interests and I don’t think anybody even Americans believes that Bush's conscious was suddenly awakened after September 11 and he decided that justice should be prevailed allover the world,
I don't even blame USA.

But I'm really sad… History and Iraq deserved to listen more from Saddam, all the Arabs needed him as an eye witness he saw a lot, he attended lots of wars and major events, and I deserved to know about all his relations with USA, what he did to Iraq, whether wrong or right…

Plus, why was he killed the first day of our feast?
Why should I wake up in the morning to see anybody killed in a day supposed to be a happy day for me?
Why the people killed him said long live Moqtada, long live Baqquer Al Sadr?
What is that?
Saddam was a president for all the Iraqis he prosecuted them all? If it was a victory "I don't think so" all the Iraqis should celebrate it…
Even in the killing of the president, Americans tended to separate Sunni from Shiites "I won't talk about the Kurdish because for a some reason they think they are in another country"? To that extent they want a civil war?

Finally, if I was Iraqi I won't care or be that happy for Saddam's execution,
I think I'd have other things to care about.
My life, my jobless poor family and my freedom which is captured by the American!!!