I know that everybody already know about hepatitis C and all its means of transmittion but since it became an epidemic and The prevalence of hepatitis C in Egypt is estimated at over 18% of the general population and it is the most common cause of chronic liver disease in the U.S. accounting for 40-60% of all cases.. I think I should talk about it,

Have u been Exposed to HCV??

Yes, If you...

Recieved blood or blood products or organ transplantation.

Ever shared Drug paraphernalia.

been into kidney dialysis.

shared personal care items (razors, tooth brushes , etc) ie... shaved ur head or beard at a hairdresser with a common razor... done pedicure with common tools... went to a Dentist who doesn't use the autclave in steralizing.
(no matter the time the items were left without usage the virus is never killed except by very high temprature... even tiney microscopic amount of blood can transmit the virus ).

Had a tatto or body peircing.

ever been incarcerated.

Done sexual activity with pple u r not sure if they carry the virus or not.

Been treated from Bilharziasis befor 1989 in Egypt.

The test for HCV is so Easy and done in any Lab, Go and check yourself before it is too late...

HCV Facts

Hepatitis C is the most common, chronic blood-borne viral infection in the U.S.
(only blood-borne and not by any other mean)

Egypt is the highest country with hepatitis C prevelance
Hepatic cirrhosis cell failure and carcinoma are incridable ins Egypt

There is no vaccine to protect against hepatitis C infection.

2 out of 3 people are unaware that they have the virus.

Hepatitis C can show no symptoms until advanced liver damage develops.

Early diagnosis is essential to controlling the spread of hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a treatable disease if identified before significant complications develop.

(yet the treatment is veryyyyyy exprensive and not available in some regions )

Regardless of what treatment choice a person makes, it is recommended that:
Individuals with HCV should avoid all use of alcohol and recreational drugs.
Individuals with HCV should be vaccinated against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C is the most common indication for adult liver transplantation.

Complications associated with HCV-related cirrhosis are projected to increase dramatically in the next decade - liver failure by 106%,
liver cancer by 81%,
and liver-related deaths by 180%.

HCV-related end-stage liver disease is a leading cause of death among people coinfected with HIV.

The social and fiscal costs of HCV are skyrocketing.
The projected costs of the current HCV epidemic, if left unchecked, will be over $85 billion for the next decade.

Some medical faqs about hepatitis C in Egypt

And Finally ... Alhamdulellah Allazi 3afana wa fadalna 3la kathir mn 3ebadoh.....