When I heard about what our Minster of Culture Farouk Hosni Said about Al Hijab and the civilization.. I was really confused.

First I said well it's his opinion... He has the right to say whatever he wants , plus as a part of our blissed government nobody in Egypt cares about anything he says..

But then I realized he is not just a ordinary guy or an independent artist who can say anything he wants "as u know Egypt is a democratic country (Muahahaha) " ... He is a Minster in a country which is considered Islamic... i.e. whatever he says its a reflection of the policies of his government and as a Minster he must be responsible for what he says.. That means that what he says about Hijab is the same opinion of his President.. I.e. we r not an Islamic country...Well that's what I was told... I mean that's the interpretations of pple around me..

A part of what he said really made me laugh... the hijab is a sign of stepping backwards.
He abbreviated our entire problem in Hijab.... It's the reason of over population.. Poverty.. Pollution... and endemic deseases..

Well there is a point he is kind of right in.... Being religious now a days is all about Hijab and clothes and all that superficial things....
but yet pple lie and steal and don't help each others not like our grand-fathers and mothers, they were kinder and more pure than us... Yet it's not the Hijab... what caused all of that is our successive governments which caused nothing but poverty and retardation both for the country and the pple.

But does this subject need all that argument and excuses??
Does it deserve to be our main issue?
Should we forget everything and get dragged into this subject and give it all our time?
He wasn't that criticized when he was responsible by negligence in the fire accident in the Culture Palace Theatre of Beni Swef... Or "Qatl Al nafs" is not that precious?Is it the most critical religious issue we have?
I don't think so....

Or may be it does... We should defend our religious believes u know, or else what are we living for? Religion is the base of our lives...Oh my god a little conspiracy theory just popped to my head "may be he said so to make pple busy in such issue and forget what the government does to us for a while " Of course I'm kidding :-).

See I'm never stable on one opinion...
Yet if he thought he was wrong... he should stop being arrogant and apologize.. Loll

But u know what as for me... its nothing but some guy said his opinion which am not convinced by, let anybody say whatever he want to I don't care... I won't change my mind and take off the veil coz he said so, & nobody will... I don't think anybody in the world give a Damn about what he said.. And if some one gives, it's up to them... I don't see the point here.. Why should I care??!!..