2 days ago i was one of the peaceful creatures on mother earth
I believed in peaceful political reforming, I believed that even the most wicked criminals must be rehabilitated and not punished but right now I only see these sick visions

of our president shocked by 1000 volts electricity in his private organs while me putting a happy face and laughing "Muahahahahahaha"

of me carrying a sharp razor and mutilating Nazif's Girraf face &dirty stomach

or me carrying a gun shoving it in Botrus Ghali's a** shooting the gun then leaving him bleeding to death

Of El Adly crucified on a dirty wood fixed with rusted nails in his wrist, his..... and his ankles drawn in pi pi

or me gathering all the people who are responsible of corruption, all the sexual harassers &predators, all the opposition self-centered as*es, all the hypocrites, &all the genetically modified feces "like Momtaz al Qut, Abdullah Kamal &Al Daqaq" in one huge square
then spray them with a mixture of "Sulfuric Acid, Sharp glass &hydrogen sulfide.... some kerosin and organic phosphate too won't hurt"

I imagine all these things and more without a single feeling of disgust

I imagine them and I'm 70% ready to do them If I have a chance &believe me I won't regret, on the conterary I'll feel perfectly fine.... I'll even die happy

No that I mentioned them I'm reliefed

Thank u Egyptian system for bringing my psycho part to the surface!